New Brick Veneer Installation Masonry Tuckpointing Chicago IL.

Midland Masonry Inc. Current project in Chicago IL. Thin Brick veneer installation at a new restaurant build out at State street and Division Street. New Brick is glued into position over sheathing. The brick mortar joints are tuck-pointed and tooled to a desired finish. The units are light weight and can be applied over any

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Masonry Concrete Tuck pointing Chimney Repair Cost

Using the right contractor the first time is very important. Most of our clients can’t afford to make the mistake of using unqualified contractors. We specialize in producing quality finishes that are performed safely, with little interruption to your life. Call today for a comprehensive consultation on your needs or challenges.  We have been proudly

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Brick Mason Natural Stone Thin Stone Cultured Stone Installation

Masonry stone installation is an attractive and affordable alternative for new construction and restoration projects. With many options on materials, stone is a great option for wall finishes. Cultured (man-made) stone , natural cut stone and veneer stone is manufactured and delivered throughout the world. Our local suppliers can import or deliver most materials in

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Window Leak Repair for Brick Wall

Water infiltration into your home or building can be unhealthy and lead to structural damage. Addressing these challenges as they become noticeable is the best way to avoid any future costly repairs. We have over 20 years experience in our industry evaluating projects big or small; and as a proud member of the Masonry Contractors

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Chimney Masonry Concrete Cost For Installaion

Midland Masonry is a full service Masonry contracting company. We specialize in Masonry Tuck pointing and Concrete. We have over 20 years experience in our industry evaluating projects big or small; and as a proud member of the Masonry Contractors Association we pride ourselves on Safety, Quality and Value. Call us today for a complimentary

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Masonry Window Leak Repair Cost Illinois

Window leaks can cause health and structural issues to buildings. We can make repairs that are cost effective and long term. Call us today for a complimentary onsite consultation to address your challenges. We look forward to serving our community. Damaged flashing causing a window leak Window leak from flashing New flashing inside wall cavity

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We are proud of our years of executing superior work, maintaining high standards in product and delivery and building treasured relationships with our customers. We will gladly supply you with the names and phone numbers of happy customers who are more than willing to recount their experience with Midland Masonry.