Chimney Repair or Rebuild

Brick chimneys may require to be rebuilt after water damage has decayed the masonry structure beyond normal repair. When brick within a wall or chimney are water damaged, (spalled/crumbling) the structure losses some or all of its structural integrity. At this point, the structure should be inspected and evaluated to determine scope of work. Brick can be cut out individually or the repair can require partial or total demolition of the structure, followed by rebuild.

Chimney rebuilding procedure:

  1. Lay out plastic tarps for lawn, garden, roof and siding to prevent damage during demolition and rebuilding process.
  2. Visually survey of property/site for safety hazards.
  3. Erect elevated work platform for personnel to safely gain access to all sides of the top section of chimney.
  4. Masonry saw cut saw the cement or mortar chimney crown. Carefully lower concrete debris to on-site refuse container for disposal.
  5. Visually inspect internal chimney chamber unseen safety hazards.
  6. Masonry saw cut the brick sections to predetermined height. Masonry brick are then carefully cleaned to remove access mortar for reuse (or disposed of if the chimney is to be rebuilt with new bricks).
  7. The chimney is rebuilt using new, recycled or a blend. Most projects require Type N mortar, that can be colored or tinted to blend with existing structure. All mortar joints are hand tooled to best match exiting work.
  8. Form new concrete chimney crown with a minimum 1 1/2” drip edge. Install wire mesh and/or rebar reinforcement (or precast concrete chimney crown).
  9. Pour new concrete chimney crown. Hand trowel top of cement crown to smooth finish.
  10. Remove cement chimney crown forms. Caulk top of clay flue liner, metal liner. Textured polyurethane construction sealant is used in all caulking.
  11. Inspect roof flashing. Make small repairs to flashing if needed ie. (re-bend, caulk).


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