Lintel Replacement

Window lintels are the metal beams (L or I-shaped beams) that support the masonry structure above windows, doors, and other masonry openings. In time, if exposed to the elements, lintels start rusting (oxidization), leading to structural fatigue. When iron rusts, it expands up to several times its original thickness, which then creates pressure throughout the supporting masonry. A very common visible affect of this expansion is the step crack along the top corners of openings. It is very important to prevent additional water infiltration that may create additional expansion and contraction. Protecting lintels and opening will save you from future repairs such as interior water damage, mold remediation and window replacements.

Lintel replacement procedure:

  1. The bricks around and on top of the lintel are carefully removed
  2. Often it is necessary to torch cut or grind cut the lintel in order to remove it (such as with large I-Beams)
  3. The old lintel is then removed and disposed of
  4. The new lintel is prepared by painting with rustproof paint, and then wrapped steel in flexible flashing material to resist moisture
  5. The new lintel is then installed above the window or door opening
  6. Weep vents are then installed in order to help drain any water away from the inner wall
  7. The bricks are reinstalled above and around the lintel
  8. The area around the new lintel is Tuck pointed


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