Parapet Wall Repair

The parapet wall is the section of the wall above the roofline of the building. A damaged parapet wall causes water leakage through the openings in the wall. This water then drains down on the inside of the wall and causes further damage which presents a safety hazard due to loose bricks that may fall. In many cases grinding and then tuckpointing the parapet wall fixes the problem. If the parapet wall is damaged beyond this point, it becomes necessary to take it apart and rebuild it. Most often, this becomes an issue when the necessary repairs have been put off for too long.

Outline of the Parapet Wall rebuilding procedure:

  1. First, gain safe access to work area, ascertain any safety concerns and evaluate the scope of work. Next, remove the clay or lime stone coping covering the top of the masonry parapet wall.
  2. Under the coping, the damaged brick sections are carefully saw cut and removed. Brick are then cleaned free of debris or disposed of if the wall is to be rebuilt with new bricks.
  3. The wall sections are rebuilt with new or recycled brick, new mortar and new wall tie fasteners.
  4. The mortar joints are finished to the desired appearance.
  5. New Rubber flashing membrane is installed on the top of the new parapet wall sections extending down towards the roof. Often metal termination bar is used to support flashing in place.
  6. Finally, the clay tiles or lime stones coping are reinstalled, mortar joints are infilled and caulked for a water tight finish


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