Chicago Illinois Masonry Water Proofing – Caulking – Sealant

Posted: November 19, 2013 - Blog

At Midland Masonry Inc. the restoration and repair of masonry is what we do best. Tuck pointing, caulking and sealants are ways to avoid costly repairs to brick walls, chimneys, masonry parapet walls and roofing. Repairs to theses areas can cost a small fortune. Staying ahead of the game is crucial and can save you of time, energy and money. We offer a complimentary onsite evaluation of the exterior of your building. We can supply you with a complete scope of work with a comprehensive list of all materials. Call today to set an appointment for us to visit, and let us exceed your expectations of quality, safety and affordability!

Caulking and Sealing


Masonry Parapet Walls


Caulking and Masonry Sealants


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We are proud of our years of executing superior work, maintaining high standards in product and delivery and building treasured relationships with our customers. We will gladly supply you with the names and phone numbers of happy customers who are more than willing to recount their experience with Midland Masonry.