COVID-19 update.

Posted: March 26, 2020 - Blog

Dear loyal customers –

We will continue to provide exterior repair services as long as it’s permitted by the authorities. According to the state of Illinois; construction, building maintenance, and repairs are considered essential at this time. We humbly ask that our employees do not approach home owners or neighbors – any communication can be done by phone, text, or email. For safety reasons please do not offer food or drinks to our crew members (our customers are very generous and we do appreciate that). Social distancing is essential at this moment and we will do everything possible to provide a safe work environment for our crew and clients. The current precautions include adhering to the CDC’s recommendations on social distance guidelines and monitoring the crews health. Trucks normally filled with a labor crew will be driven solo. Administrative work will be temporarily handled remotely from home, or onsite. 

Midland Masonry Inc. is staffed with some of the top professionals in our industry, many with families and children. Knowing that safety is our main concern these men are eager to work and share in the rebuild process. Please call or email any challenges, we are here to serve our community. 

If you disagree with this decision, we completely respect your opinion and can holdout on any service contract at your home or business until you are comfortable. Any comments / concerns are welcome please contact the Owner – Jim Kowalski 

James Kowalski
[email protected]

Kind regards,
Midland Masonry Inc.


We are proud of our years of executing superior work, maintaining high standards in product and delivery and building treasured relationships with our customers. We will gladly supply you with the names and phone numbers of happy customers who are more than willing to recount their experience with Midland Masonry.